Friday, 13 November 2009

Super You&London

After last editions at the Dutch beach, Laidback Luke is spreading his Super You&Me party virus across Europe. Starting off @ Matter (The O2), London!
This time he invites besides himself, Norman Doray, Lee Mortimer, The Dutch Rudder & Dirty Stop Outs! I don't have to tell you anything about Super You&Me's dress code right? Great, then you're all set! Well if you got yourself a ticket on time. But you probably didn't. And now it sold out! Don't worry though, I just heard there will be just a few tickets available at the door! So if you want to be one of those lucky few... Okay, I leave you with a video to get you in the right Super You&Me mood. See y'all the 14th of November!
BTW, expect some new laidback stuff on here very soon, so stay tuned!


Back said...

laidback luke joue t'il ce son en club:
Federico Franchi feat. Becci - Image (Boom Boom Sonnox Version) ???

Álvaro said...

Fucking amazing!
When's your remix of Scooter - Cambodia released?

ricardo said...

whats the music? please answer me