Thursday, 17 September 2009

Laidback Luke says: bitch!

So you have seen Laidback Luke play recently? If you did, you definitely must have heard this one!
    Chuckie & LMFAO - Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch (Laidback Luke Says Pack)
Laidback Luke rocked a lot of places during his tour this summer. Just to name a few, he visited Cannes, Acapulco, Melbourne, Toulouse, Malta, Amsterdam, Paris, Chersonissos, Utrecht, Portugal, Sydney, Ibiza, Antwerp, Budapest, the Plug, Köln, Brussel, Tunesia, Croatia, Poland, Portugal & Marocco bitch! Relive this moment, or pretend you are there now from your own bedroom by downloading the pack below. Aah, stupid me, I almost forgot to mention he also went to Newcastle mate!

Ooh and for the record: This sunday he'll be at his own Super You&Me! @ Bloemendaal slet! See you there bitches!

Monday, 14 September 2009

Super You&Me vs Rokdam!

You still have got that summer vibe going? Or you visited the last edition and want more?
Then you really have to check this out. The last Super You&Me beach edition of this summer! Again two party's and a lot of great DJ's: Laidback Luke, Dada Life, Partysquad, Billy The Klit, Quintino, Jim Aasgier, DJ Punish, Joey Suki vs Apster, K-Fresh and don't forget the astonishing Lorenzo Kurizu!
Super You&Me vs Rokdam will be held on the 20th of september, @ beachclub BLM9 @ Bloemendaal aan Zee in The Netherlands and starts in the afternoon. If you still don't have clue what all the fuzz is about, check out this video from last month's edition where Laidback Luke is dropping one of the fine house tracks by DJ Falcon, who also was there rocking the place that day!