Friday, 31 July 2009

Super You&Me vs Stealth Live!

Ok, it's time to get those superhero outfits from the attic. It's time for round three y'all!
Guess what? Two party's for the price of one! Meaning in this case, Laidback Luke will play two separate sets, at both stages one. So that's it? No. Beside acts from Bodyrox, Chocolate Puma, Baggi Begovic and Bas Jansen @ the Stealth Live! stage, the Super You&Me stage will be represented by Bingo Players, Daniel Down, Bart B More, S├ębastien Lintz and last, but certainly not least, one of Daft Punk's close friends, the French DJ Falcon!!!
This extraordinary party will be held on the 16th of august, @ beachclub BLM9 @ Bloemendaal aan Zee in The Netherlands and starts in the afternoon. I'm gonna leave you with just one of the few fine house tracks DJ Falcon ever made, so I'll see you there!

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Kyle said...

I love Honeymoon so much. And what the hell at Bangalter messing up the audio and convincing him to keep it in the song? That's when you know you're pro. :D